Recipe of the Week – Cake Brownies

For our last Recipe of the Week installment, Mark has opted to make his brownies. We carry these in the food truck every day and, not gonna lie, the guys out at Morton love them.


These brownies are simple to make, but you do need to be careful, if you overcook them even a little they get hard quickly. Do it right and they stay moist and yummy for days (if they make it that long!). And, if you really think they need more, you can always top them off with the cinnamon cream cheese frosting!

While desserts have never been our “main course” with our catering business, we have found the sometimes the simplest of recipes can create quite a following. Make sure you stop by and get your own brownie this week!


Recipe of the Week – Russian Dressing

This week, our special in the food truck is a Rueben so Mark decided to share his Russian Dressing that goes on the Rueben as the recipe of the week.

For those that like sauerkraut, the Rueben is a great way to use Russian Dressing. Me? I’m not a sauerkraut fan so I dipped my roast beef sandwich in the dressing yesterday (not that the roast beef needed it, but it was so yummy!).russian dressing

Simple, easy, and so delicious. What a great way to spice up your regular sandwich by using this as a sandwich spread!

And if you like Ruebens…check out our food truck this week and give the Russian dressing a try!

Recipe of the Week – Brie Burger Sliders

We occasionally get calls to do appetizer parties which is great! It gives us a chance to try new things on a small scale that could be made large scale as well. This appetizer is one such recipe.

Sliders are such a fun little burger. You can put most anything on one and, though it is little, it can pack a mighty punch. Today’s recipe is a Brie Burger Slider.

brie burger sliders

The first time I grilled one, I hadn’t seen the recipe so I was slightly unprepared for the blueberries in the meat, but truthfully, I never tasted the blueberries. There is simply a sweet taste to the burger. The brie, while not my favorite cheese, compliments this burger well. And the grilled onions…well, in my opinion a burger is never complete without grilled onions!

Even better though, this slider not only makes a great appetizer, but it can also make a spectacular regular sized burger, which may have to make it’s way into our regular Backyard BBQ options!

Recipe of the Week – Fruitie-Licious Punch

I love punch. Ice cream punch. Fruit punch. Lemonade. Nothing better than taking a drink and quenching your thirst with something fun, fruity, and delicious (except that it’s always served in such small glasses).

This week’s recipe is Fruitie-Licious Punch, named after one of my favorite cereals that it tastes like: Fruity Pebbles (don’t judge, I love sugary cereals). It is super-easy to make and, if the occasion calls for it, can even include vodka; otherwise, it makes a perfectly yummy non-alcoholic and family-friendly drink to serve anywhere.Fruitie-licious Punch

And that’s it! Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Enjoy!

Recipe of the week – Fiesta Corn Salad

I spent five days in Grand Rapids, Michigan, over the Fourth of July. I attended a handbell festival and played in a three-choir handbell concert in front of 500+ music ministry professionals from around the nation. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much while I was gone!

But I never go very far without trying new foods and looking for recipes for Mark. I came home with an amazing idea for a burger, a green chili cheeseburger, for Mark to use as a special in the food truck. But what would be a good side? I mean, we couldn’t very well share his new recipe for the green chili sauce! A caterer has to have SOME secrets!

Back to the drawing board (or Pinterest) and I came across a recipe I had pinned to have him try: Fiesta Corn Salad! The original recipe (Mexican Chopped Salad) was posted by Chris Scheuer from but of course, Mark made a few changes to make it his own.

Fiesta Corn Salad

Now if I was making it, we all know I’d skip the black beans, however, theFiesta Corny are a crucial ingredient to Mexican-fare so I suppose Mark did the right thing by not following my advice. Again, he chose romaine hearts instead of heads because he prefers how those hold up under the dressing. We opted for frozen corn, although this time of the year you can start finding some good fresh corn.

The dressing really makes the salad though! With a tangy sensation from the lime and cumin, you throw in the sweetness from the honey and get just a spectacular blend of flavors that mixes with the salad ingredients for a delicious and tasty side to any meal.

New Happenings…

In May, as I approached graduation from Buena Vista University, I found out that my job was no longer my job, that I had only been an interim position and that someone else had been hired for the position I was enjoying. I was disappointed and felt slightly lost. What was I going to do?Three Things

After some soul searching and talking with Mark, I started looking at other options. Do I look for a new job? Do I try to make my media business take off? Do I start pushing the catering business?

Truthfully, I was pretty lost. I didn’t know where to begin. Really, we needed my income, but if i started pushing the catering business more, that could cover my income. The problem is that I don’t cook. So then I had to figure out how to get Mark in the kitchen cooking AND his income.

That’s when I started talking about taking the catering trailer to businesses for lunch meals. I started with a survey, asking how often people went out to eat on their lunch shift, if they would like to have a business bring food on site for them to purchase, and other various questions related to that. Results were pretty unanimous that it would be of interest.

My next step was to approach businesses to see if they would be willing to bring in a vendor for their employees. It didn’t take me long to find five businesses willing to give it a try so I started lining them up. I now have three businesses that want us weekly and two that want us every other week. I’m still looking to fill one more spot and Mark is taking a leave of absence at work so we can give this a try to see if we can make it work.

After that, I put together was a Recipe of the Week spot on the radio. This includes a weekly blog post on my part, Mark trying new recipes and finding things he likes, and social media push from MORE 104.9 in Spencer. Today is our first one and I’m pretty pumped about it.Catering Logo

For those who love our catered meals, never fear, we are not moving away from that. We are simply looking at ways to expand our business because we have more, bigger, plans that we want to bring to life!

Our “New” Addition

This summer, Mark and I decided it was time to add another service to our catering adventure.  We bought a 26 foot concession trailer!


Our initial goal with the trailer was for a couple “big” events that were happening in the area.  We thought for sure they would be barn-burners.  Well…not so much.  But the experience was there and we’ve learned much from it.

First lesson learned…Don’t over-order, especially if you don’t have enough events lined up to use them at quickly.      (BTW, anyone looking for some French Fries…I think I’ve still got five or six cases of them).

Second lesson learned…Even if you have reasonable prices, if you aren’t where the excitement is, no one will find you.


Third lesson learned…When all else fails, find a gravel road and sell your product!


On the bright side, not only did we learn some valuable lessons, but the trailer has been put to use in ways we weren’t expecting.  Mark got a call from an auctioneer wanting him to set up at a local auction.  We have plans to take the trailer to factories and set up during lunch hours so employees don’t necessarily have to leave for lunch breaks.  We also have the ability to grill all winter long for events that want steaks or cheeseburgers.

Definitely not a wasted adventure.