Recipe of the Week – Bread Pudding with a Vanilla Sauce

“Bread pudding? I don’t know…” That was a comment we heard yesterday when we were serving lunch.

And then they tried it.

“This isn’t anything like my Grandma’s bread pudding! And that’s a good thing!”

Bread pudding a sweet dessert that is a favorite in many countries, including the United States. Would you be surprised if I told you that Canadians make it with maple syrup? Puerto Ricans soak their bread pudding overnight in coconut milk and serve it with a guava rum sauce. In Louisiana, they serve it with a whiskey or a rum sauce. No such luck here, but the vanilla sauce is quite delicious!

Bread Pudding and Vanilla Sauce

To make this bread pudding, you can use whatever type of bread you have around the house. bread puddingA thick, tasty bread works well. Mark actually used dinner rolls for his recipe this week, but dried out cinnamon rolls would work really well also (first you have to have leftover cinnamon rolls, right?).

Of course, the kicker is to make sure you use whole milk. I’m a fan of skim milk when I’m having it with a meal, but in order to get your sauces to thicken correctly, you really do need to use whole milk.

My only change would be the raisins. Do they really have to exist in such a tasty dish? Can we cut what it calls for in half? Mark obviously didn’t think so. Oh well. They seem to be pretty easy to pick out.

And really. Who says you have to wait for dessert to have bread pudding? A dish of warm bread pudding actually makes a pretty good breakfast too! Why not? It’s just like having French Toast.


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