Recipe of the week – Fiesta Corn Salad

I spent five days in Grand Rapids, Michigan, over the Fourth of July. I attended a handbell festival and played in a three-choir handbell concert in front of 500+ music ministry professionals from around the nation. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much while I was gone!

But I never go very far without trying new foods and looking for recipes for Mark. I came home with an amazing idea for a burger, a green chili cheeseburger, for Mark to use as a special in the food truck. But what would be a good side? I mean, we couldn’t very well share his new recipe for the green chili sauce! A caterer has to have SOME secrets!

Back to the drawing board (or Pinterest) and I came across a recipe I had pinned to have him try: Fiesta Corn Salad! The original recipe (Mexican Chopped Salad) was posted by Chris Scheuer from but of course, Mark made a few changes to make it his own.

Fiesta Corn Salad

Now if I was making it, we all know I’d skip the black beans, however, theFiesta Corny are a crucial ingredient to Mexican-fare so I suppose Mark did the right thing by not following my advice. Again, he chose romaine hearts instead of heads because he prefers how those hold up under the dressing. We opted for frozen corn, although this time of the year you can start finding some good fresh corn.

The dressing really makes the salad though! With a tangy sensation from the lime and cumin, you throw in the sweetness from the honey and get just a spectacular blend of flavors that mixes with the salad ingredients for a delicious and tasty side to any meal.


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