Recipe of the Week – Berry Cheesecake Salad

I have been so excited about this recipe since I found in on Pinterest via Not only did it look tasty, I was convinced that this was the perfect Independence Day salad for get-together’s with its Red, White, and Blue colors.

The flavor and texture of the cream cheese and cool whip blends together so smoothly with the sweetness of the different berries. We chose to use strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, but there are other berry options out there like blackberries and mulberries that would work in this recipe as well. Here is the recipe:

Berry Cheesecake Salad

The only unfortunate part of this recipe is that fruit tends to be expensive, but it’s important not to skimp and get bruised or discounted fruit because you will miss out on the burst of flavors that fresh fruit provides (truthfully, bruised and discounted fruit is really only good for bars and cakes anyhow).

Berry Cheesecake SaladI think the only thing that might make this salad even better would be cut up squares of pound cake to make it go farther. A possible garnish would be to sprinkle some graham cracker crumbs on top. Hmm. Maybe I’ll talk Mark into doing that when we serve it this week!

UPDATE 7/6/15 – I was right! After one day of using Angelfood cake, I bought a pound cake and had Mark put that in the salad. Ohmygosh!

Now, the Angelfood cake, while it does work, is a little too light a fluffy for this type of salad. Eating it right away, you won’t notice it, but I’m afraid if you make it ahead of time, you would notice that it won’t hold up as well.

But Pound Cake? Being a thicker cake, it will definitely hold up longer mixed with the berry and cream cheese mixture. Not only that, but the flavor of the berries works better with the pound cake in my opinion. And being a heavier cake, it actually adds more to the salad than the Angelfood.

How did our customers like it? Most were skeptical but willing to give it a shot and then POW! They loved it! Many of our daily customers are blue collar men and I was surprised at the number who stopped me and said that they enjoyed it, asked if they could order just the salad, or even where to get the recipe.

Looks like this one is definitely a keeper and will make our regular list of available salads!


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