New Happenings…

In May, as I approached graduation from Buena Vista University, I found out that my job was no longer my job, that I had only been an interim position and that someone else had been hired for the position I was enjoying. I was disappointed and felt slightly lost. What was I going to do?Three Things

After some soul searching and talking with Mark, I started looking at other options. Do I look for a new job? Do I try to make my media business take off? Do I start pushing the catering business?

Truthfully, I was pretty lost. I didn’t know where to begin. Really, we needed my income, but if i started pushing the catering business more, that could cover my income. The problem is that I don’t cook. So then I had to figure out how to get Mark in the kitchen cooking AND his income.

That’s when I started talking about taking the catering trailer to businesses for lunch meals. I started with a survey, asking how often people went out to eat on their lunch shift, if they would like to have a business bring food on site for them to purchase, and other various questions related to that. Results were pretty unanimous that it would be of interest.

My next step was to approach businesses to see if they would be willing to bring in a vendor for their employees. It didn’t take me long to find five businesses willing to give it a try so I started lining them up. I now have three businesses that want us weekly and two that want us every other week. I’m still looking to fill one more spot and Mark is taking a leave of absence at work so we can give this a try to see if we can make it work.

After that, I put together was a Recipe of the Week spot on the radio. This includes a weekly blog post on my part, Mark trying new recipes and finding things he likes, and social media push from MORE 104.9 in Spencer. Today is our first one and I’m pretty pumped about it.Catering Logo

For those who love our catered meals, never fear, we are not moving away from that. We are simply looking at ways to expand our business because we have more, bigger, plans that we want to bring to life!


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