If someone were to write a book about your business, what would the title be?

business bookThat is the question I came across in my “Idea a Day” Email that I receive from Likeable Media.

I love to write, but I have found that I’m not always that creative with the marketing aspect. Possibly because I can’t find a way to make it personal? I can put personal stories into words, but to try to make my business personal, I struggle.

There is no reason to struggle though. What could possibly be more personal than owning and operating your own business? The stories that I could tell make this business real to me.

But the stories aren’t always my stories to tell. The last thing I would want to do is tell a story about an event, only to offend potential customers.

So I struggle.

Culinary Creations? Sounds like a cookbook.

Tips and Tricks of a Home-Based Caterer? Sounds too DIY.

Perhaps that is why I have a hard time keeping this blog going. The stories I want to tell aren’t mine to tell so I keep quiet. And really, how many “5 Steps to an Amazing Event” posts can a person really read (or write)?

Hmmm. Well there’s a topic to use.

A Little Home-Made Goes Along Way. Perfect.


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