Day 6 – Castaway Cay

I'm ready to snorkelThis was my favorite day of the entire trip I think.  We went snorkeling! I have never been snorkeling before so this was an amazing experience for me.

First, we practiced in a basically shallow area, seeing some fish, but not a lot.  There was a lot of seaweed and rocks to look at but not much else.  Cassie UnderwaterPlus we wanted to see the grand prize…underwater Mickey!

So we headed over to the area where snorkeling is preferred, the non-adult beach (which was why we had chosen the first beach to begin with: no kids).  It didn’t take long for us to realize why we were over there.  It was deeper and there were so many more fish to see!

Try as we might, Cole and I searched all over for the hidden Mickey and Minnie.  Finally (FINALLY) we got a good tip from one of the life guards: head to the bouys, that’s where you will find the sunken boat and treasures!  My best purchase last summer was my underwater camera – and I didn’t even know I would be going on this trip or snorkeling when I bought it!

We found the boat and Cole was way better at staying underwater for his picture with it.Cole and the sunken boat  Me, not so much, but I did attempt.  Unfortunately, Cole scraped his shoulder on the boat so headed back to shore before finding Mickey.  Not to fear though, Amanda was still around and we did more searching.

While swimming, we came across a tugboat in the water that looked like Donald Duck which we were totally not expecting.  Donald Duck?In fact, I had to look at it twice and get a picture of it to see if it was just me or if anyone else saw it as well.

The moment of truth finally arrived when we came upon Mickey.  How cool to see him looking up at us, welcoming us, as we swam towards him.  Hidden Mickey MouseAgain, we tried to touch him, but neither Amanda nor I could stay down long enough to accomplish that feat.  We never did get to see Minnie which was a little disappointing, but Mickey was the coup de gras and we could finally return to shore.

When we got back to shore, that was when our class began.  We started out by watching Into the Woods.  I loved it!  If you haven’t seen it, you should!  It brings to life four fairy tales that we all know and love: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jack and the Bean Stalk.  Special care was taken to weave all four stories together and make it one.  Truly remarkable the creativity that people possess.

From there, we stepped out to the deck to discuss symbolism and how stories are told.  This is part of our journey: learning our story, how to tell it, and how to get people to remember it.  Jim Korkis was very knowledgeable on the subject and had even spoke to a professor with a doctorate in fairy tales before our trip so he could impart additional wisdom on us.

Another enjoyable evening, Pirate Night, with supper at the Animator’s Palette again.  We watched a comedian that night.  His show was OK for the first part, but I left early, not really enjoying him.  We hit the deck for a pirate party to round out our night and get ready for a full day at sea!


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