Discovering Disney – The A-Mouse-ing Race!

Day 3 at Disney consisted of a relaxing morning.  Well…relaxing enough that we were at the parks on attractions, so it was another great morning!

The afternoon brought about our A-Mouse-Ing Race.  We were randomly split into three groups of three and my group was positive that we were the most a-mouse-Ing.

Basically the object of the game was to take the hints and get to the end before the other groups.  Our starting time was determined by answering trivia questions.  Disney questions, of course.  We lost.  Our team was already 11m out of first, 4m from second.  We finished our two tasks at Magic Kingdom and headed to Epcot where we made it into 1m from second, and not terribly out of first.

Then we went to our second task there.

We passed our corner once.  We passed our corner twice.  Finally, we found our way to the appropriate water taxi, where we boarded for Hollywood Studios.

Here we are with the Captain of our Water Taxi traveling to Hollywood Studios.

Here we are with the Captain of our Water Taxi traveling to Hollywood Studios.

And then we got off at the wrong stop.

Yes.  We are that group.

By the time we make it to Hollywood Studios we are essentially 30-45m behind the first two groups.  We do our tasks, which included riding The Great Movie Ride with one of our professors to speed up the process.  Then we had a photo op that needed to be done for the race.

We are with a Cast Member absolutely nothing!

We are with a Cast Member pointing…at absolutely nothing!

With that embarrassing loss under our belt we headed to supper with our group before Fantasmic.

Why share this with you?  By the sounds of it, we probably should have utilized our surroundings and asked questions for help when needed, right?

We did.

What we learned about this experience is that when you ask questions you need to be very specific and clear as to the answer you were looking for.  If we had asked where the International Gateway was, we probably would have made it to Hollywood Studios much faster, instead we asked where the water taxis were and got three different answers from three different people.  As far as getting off at the wrong stop?  Well, it was either a lack of listening on our part or they didn’t say where we were actually stopping at and that’s what we think happened because none of us heard anything.

The evening was so much better though.  Fantasmic was simply fantastic.  I can’t even begin to explain how truly amazing the show was: fireworks, music, characters, lights.  Just superb.  I’m in love with the thought of setting fireworks to music, but that is something I’m totally not up for right now.  It would just be fun.  Here are some shots of our evening:

Fantasmic! Mickey at Fantasmic! Beauty & The Beast Steamboat Willy

It’s been great so far!  I am learning so much to bring home for our business and I can’t wait to put it into effect!


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