Follow Your Dreams – Disney Style

Nothing is more inspiring than hearing a “Cinderella” story about someone getting what they wish a dream for in life.  That was the story we heard last night speaking with Alex Maher, a Disney artist.

Alex grew up knowing that, from the age of 5, he wanted nothing more than to be a Disney artist.  He read books on animation, practiced drawing Disney characters, and was even discouraged for only doing Disney things for class projects.

After spending time in the Navy, he living in Miami with a wife and two small children, working his way through corporate America as a graphic designer during the week and he would spend his weekends in Orlando doing whatever he could to network and get a job in Disney.  The advise was always the same: “The best way to get a job at Disney is to live in Orlando.”

Finally, he and his wife decided that, if Alex was actually going to accomplish his dream, the best thing for their family would be to relocate.  With no job in the works, they made the fateful leap to help get Alex in the door.  A month after they moved to Orlando, Alex got a job with “another” theme park, but that didn’t stop him from continually stopping by the Disney casting department to see what was available, which finally led to his ability to get a freelance job with them.

Two and a half years later, that freelance job turned into his dream position – a position as an artist at Disney.  Twenty years later, he is still going strong with the company AND his daughter is now an artist for Disney in California.

What does this have to do with catering?  Well, probably nothing specific, but it just going to show that with a lot of hard work and perseverance, you too can have your Cinderella story, no matter what it is.


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