Leadership at Disney!

I am currently in Orlando, not for vacation, but for a school trip.  I decided that finishing my schooling with a (much deserved), 12-day, look at the “behind-the-scenes” success of Disney was the most amazing way to finish my college career.

How does college, Orlando, and Disney relate to our catering business?

Today that question was answered through our first Master Class related to LEADERSHIP!

Let me just give you a breakdown of what I learned today, the four steps to being a successful leader:

1. SHARE THE VISION!  Find a way to express what your vision is to those involved in seeing that vision make it to fruition.  Make sure they begin to believe in your vision and where you want it to go.

2. DEFINE THE STRATEGIES TO ACCOMPLISH THAT VISION!  Make sure you and those you lead know exactly what you expect to happen in order to reach that vision…and delegate duties dependent on each person’s skill set.

3. TRAINING! Nothing can be completed if those you lead don’t know how to complete their tasks.  Train them, build them up, and make sure to communication with them.  Oh yeah, and communication is a two-way street so make sure they know how to get in touch with you if there are questions.

4. DEVELOP A CULTURE OF INNOVATION!  My favorite quote of the day was hung from an office of a man named Steve “If you aren’t failing, you aren’t learning”.  People should not be afraid of failure or taking risks.  Encourage them through listening to ideas and allowing them to run with them.  Even Edison failed before inventing the light bulb.

Of course, that wasn’t all we learned today…but the rest had to do with what rides were amazing at Hollywood Studios, how many character we could get our pictures taken with, and some kick-ass fireworks.  It was a rough day!

Check me out again tomorrow to see what we learn at our supper date with Alex Maher!


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