Organization is the key to success!

We made it!

Christmas is by far our busiest time of the year.  Surprising that a caterer would say that?  Why not summer when weddings are happening?

Weddings are a weekend event.  Even though we were booked consecutively every weekend for two months this summer, we still had a week to prep for each event, only occasionally having both a Friday and Saturday event.

Christmas time is different though.  Weddings.  Holiday parties.  Business and office parties.  And they aren’t just on the weekends.  Aside from having something every weekend, we had a two week stretch where we had eight parties, including two on the same day!

By no means am I complaining.  Goodness no.  Who wouldn’t want business to improve 45% over the previous year?  I’m thrilled!  This helps us solidify our future plans that we hope to see happen in 2015.

So what do we do to stay organized?

Keep our calendar current – there is nothing worse than not knowing when you have a party…or double-booking over an important family event!  I like either a google calendar (can imbed easily into a website) or for a personal calendar.

Set group contacts in my phone – The best way to keep potential helpers informed is to send out a mass text giving them updates on events, dress, times, etc.  Then everyone gets the same information at the same time.

Email quotes to potential customers – The best part about email is that you have your own copy.  Plus, if you email it as a pdf file, there is no tampering to your original paperwork.

Last but not least…

Make a To-Do list every day – this covers people you need to contact, quotes you need to work on, bills to pay, blogs to write, etc…

Now this doesn’t mean I’m perfect at all these steps, but it sure does make a difference in your business when you keep your life organized.  Being a business owner can be stressful enough, why make it worse by not staying organized?


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