Even though “creative” is part of our name, we still run into road blocks when it comes to thinking of something special and unique at times.

So what do we do?

Mark’s favorite website for recipes is and I must admit that, even as a non-cook, I love this site!  I have used it to search for recipes based on ingredients or by name.  The reviews are super-helpful, sometimes humorous.  Generally, I only choose recipes that have a picture beside them, but I’m not sure if Mark is that picky.  (tip for those who like to add recipes to those types of sites: include pictures!)  I have even used this website while on the phone with a friend and then emailed him the recipe.  Great source for sharing!

Another website we use, that I’m sure needs no introduction, would be Pinterest!  This site is a mind-boggling experience and sometimes I just have to walk away.  Who comes up with all this stuff??  My favorite is a list of food you could get on a stick…not bad considering we want to take the trailer to the fair.

But appetizers.  My second favorite course and we have the hardest times coming up with cool, non-bar food, type appetizers.  This is where Pinterest has been such a great help!  And soon I’ll have more time to drive myself crazy with it! 🙂


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