Our “New” Addition

This summer, Mark and I decided it was time to add another service to our catering adventure.  We bought a 26 foot concession trailer!


Our initial goal with the trailer was for a couple “big” events that were happening in the area.  We thought for sure they would be barn-burners.  Well…not so much.  But the experience was there and we’ve learned much from it.

First lesson learned…Don’t over-order, especially if you don’t have enough events lined up to use them at quickly.      (BTW, anyone looking for some French Fries…I think I’ve still got five or six cases of them).

Second lesson learned…Even if you have reasonable prices, if you aren’t where the excitement is, no one will find you.


Third lesson learned…When all else fails, find a gravel road and sell your product!


On the bright side, not only did we learn some valuable lessons, but the trailer has been put to use in ways we weren’t expecting.  Mark got a call from an auctioneer wanting him to set up at a local auction.  We have plans to take the trailer to factories and set up during lunch hours so employees don’t necessarily have to leave for lunch breaks.  We also have the ability to grill all winter long for events that want steaks or cheeseburgers.

Definitely not a wasted adventure.


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