Choosing A Menu – Hot Buffet Style

Often we are asked to “send me your menu and price list”.  The best part about our catering business is that we have no set menu!  We let you choose what you want and price it from there.  That is what “Creative” is all about, right?

We do have a “fall-back” menu that works well for weddings: our two-meat buffet.  It all starts with a lettuce salad, complete with homemade dressing, plus additional goodies like sunflower seeds and croutons.  Our standard dressings are Ranch, Thousand Island, and French, but we can do other dressings as well if you like.Lettuce-Salad

Then we have vegetables and potatoes.  Glazed carrots are my favorite.  Sometimes people will choose two vegetables to give their guests more options, which is great.  I’m a huge fan of starches, so potatoes and dinner rolls are top on my list too.  Mashed potatoes are real, freshly peeled, cooked and seasoned perfectly for your pleasure.  Depending on the meat chosen with the meal, you will usually get two different homemade gravies as well.  We also do baby reds or cheesy hash browns.


Meat options for a two-meat buffet include oven baked chicken, roast beef, turkey, ham, or pork loin.  The most popular is pork loin and the oven baked chicken.  Mark cuts the pork loin right on the spot for your guests, which is a nice added touch (and something we don’t charge extra for).  The meats are all seasoned to perfection and melt in your mouth.Chicken-Roast-Beef

Again, this is a fall-back menu.  We love having the opportunity to do fun and different things as well, so make sure to shoot us some ideas as to what you are thinking about as we love to experiment!


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